Sturmagā Nahts

I simply wanted to share a quick poem in dialectal Proto-Germanic inspired by a bit of stormy weather we’ve been having lately. It’s probably not going to win any prizes for originality or innate poetic expression, but hey, it was fun to try and use assonance, alliteration, and rhyme.

Sturmagā Nahts

Hwan hemnos ginandi regnahw fallit

Þekjo trahno jabi flagâ bellit

Þurhwi þurpi þuriþ auke krunkoþ

Unstiz grimmit guljâ welþjê wallit

Aba ferri halli hurna gellit

Berhtê swē sunnonis gulda funkoþ

Dagaleuhtaz uber landi þaniþ

Winda selbo sturmas andja kaniþ


Stormy Night

When heavens gape and rain falls

Fat tears, as a wind-gust roars

Through the village it sweeps and turns

The storm rages, the stream wildly seethes

From far away a clear horn sounds

It sparkles brightly like the sun’s gold

Daylight stretches across the land

The wind itself brings forth the storm’s end

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